Our Role in UB's Strategic Plan

The School of Social Work plays an integral role in UB 2020, the university’s plan for achieving enduring prominence. The UB 2020 initiative comprises eight strategic strengths, including Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan.

UB’s goal in this is to facilitate discoveries that greatly impact human health. With an ever-aging population, this strength will coordinate research into the areas of aging and living well into the 10th decade of life, issues that our faculty and students are uniquely positioned to address in collaboration with researchers in UB’s health sciences schools.

Here are some of the ways the School of Social Work is involved in UB 2020:

  • We’re a participant in the university’s Interprofessional Education Program, which seeks to provide more opportunities for interaction among students in different professional programs, ranging from the health sciences to management.
  • SSW Dean Nancy Smyth chairs the Realizing UB 2020 Engagement Task Force, whose mission is to develop both short- and long-term university engagement strategies.
  • We are also a participant in the Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education, a multi-year national initiative aimed at transforming how geriatric education is taught at masters of social work programs around the U.S. At its heart is a unique fieldwork model that rotates Social Work students through different agencies, giving them opportunities to gain a rich perspective of the full spectrum of aging and of the diverse services that older adults and their care givers need.