Employment Posting

Name of Organization: UR Medicine Strong Hospital Department of Psychiatry
Job Title: Inpatient Psychiatry Social Worker
Part-time or Full-time: Part-time
Job Location: Strong Hospital, Rochester, NY
Start Date: Friday, Sep. 1, 2017
Job Description: The Social Worker who occupies this position provides social work intervention to children and adolescents admitted to unit 4-9000, and their families. The Social Worker is responsible for a caseload of 3 or more patients/families as needed and functions as a core member of the interdisciplinary treatment team. The social worker addresses patient and family needs identified on the psychosocial assessment. He/she helps formulate the plan of care in collaboration with patient/family, interdisciplinary team, and formal and informal support systems. The social worker may provide individual, family, or group treatment, and participates in team rounding, family and agency meetings, and phone conferences. The social worker maintains relationships with community and outpatient providers to ensure continuity of care for patients discharged from inpatient.
Required Qualifications: MSW degree required
How to Apply: http://www.rochester.edu/working/hr/jobs/ Job # 203202
Contact: Tasha Wilson