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Newcomer Support Meeting

Monday, Sep. 18, 2017, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Add to my calendar

593 Baldy Hall, North Campus

Global Interest Group

Global Interest Group

Shannon Linehan, (607) 752-1694 (

Newcomer Support Services provides support for newcomer students in the form of monthly meetings, 1:1 consultation, resource sharing, and a safe space to connect with others with an international background. In this support group, students can discuss their cultural and academic experiences with one another, while respecting each other’s rights to confidentiality. The Newcomer Support Services serves matriculated and non-matriculated students with an international background (immigrants, asylees and refugees), who wish to express their needs, share their own culture with the group, understand the US culture, and share their experiences in the academic world at UBSSW. We emphasize providing academic support to newcomers and supporting them on a successful path towards their Social Work degree. The group is trans-disciplinary and inclusive, open and empathetic to the needs of other newcomer/international students outside of the SSW with whom we (newcomer group members) are collaborating.

Open to international students and allies.