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Professional development training to advance your social work and human service career

Previous Certificate Programs

Our previous certificate programs addressed clinical and administrative skill development. Future offerings are dependent on market demand and instructor availability.

Below are our previous program offerings and the most recent date offered. If you have questions about previous programs, contact us at

Advanced Skills in Motivational Interviewing Certificate Program

This 2016 program provided training to advance clinician skills in the use of evidence-based Motivational Interviewing.

Program Evaluation Certificate Program

This 2015 certificate program provided the elements, tools and processes to complete program evaluation in a human service organization.

Administrative Supervision and Leadership Certificate Program

Honing and building your skills to effectively and proactively manage the transition is crucial to becoming a successful leader. This program provides relevant, work-related solutions for employee development, administrative supervision, leadership and work performance challenges. Last offered in 2014.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety & Depression Certificate Program Brochure

This 2015 clinical certificate program focused on skill development in the use of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

Developing Sustainable Organizations

This 2015 certificate program focused on senior level human service administrators who challenged by the need to deal with one of the most complex issues in organizations – how to sustain the work of the organization into the future.

High-Performance Team Building

This 2016 certificate program offered a solution-focused, evidence-based model for team development, supplying human service managers, team leaders and team members with tools and techniques to create effective and energized work teams.

Mastering Organizational Complexity

Senior level human service administrators are challenged by the need to deal with some of the most complex issues in the organization requiring decision making and problem solving, even at times when the future is unclear or uncertain. This program helped participants develop the skills needed to successfully master the management of organizational complexity. Last offered in 2012.

Nonprofit Public Relations

Nonprofit organizations must take an active role in communicating their message — telling their “story” — to let potential funders and donors, as well as future clients, know who they are and what they have accomplished. Communication has changed from a paper driven process to one that is predominantly web driven. This program taught the elements, tool and processes to create an effective public relations and communication plan. Last offered in 2013.

Solution-Focused Leadership

Solution-focused leadership creates a culture of motivation by focusing on what is working and how to do more of it. This certificate program offered a solution-focused, evidenced-based methodology for developing leadership skills in human service professionals. Transforming work relationships allows people to interact collaboratively as they perform tasks and projects that enable the agency to accomplish its desired goals. Last offered in 2012.

Managing Organizational Change

Change is a constant factor in any organization. This certificate program provided practical skills to help facilitate change that supports the mission, vision and strategic plan of the organization. Last offered in 2011.

Administrative Management

The 2010 Administrative Management Certificate Program provides a solid core of competency-based workshops designed to develop and enhance the administrative skills of nonprofit professionals so that they may successfully meet the many challenges they face in service delivery.

Participants choose three of the four workshops and their associated roundtable discussions to integrate skills across topic areas and supply these to their agencies.

Financial Management

The 2010 Financial Management Certificate Program provided competency-based workshops dedicated to grant writing, managerial accounting, program evaluation and fundraising.