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Trauma-Informed Care vs. Trauma Specific Services

Trauma-Informed Care video created by UB MSW students

Our online self-study certificate program provides a foundational education in clinical trauma work. 


"I really am finding value in the coursework. I find that the information is rounding out what I already do know on the topic, and adding new knowledge where my experience is more limited. And I LOVE the change to unlimited access…a selling point to my colleagues who are considering it. Since everyone is so crazy busy –no one wants the stress of another deadline!"

~ Brenda deLeat, MSW, Program Supervisor, Professional Training Team, Children’s Home Society of North Carolina

Program Overview

Participants of this program develop skills, knowledge and awareness of the healing and recovery process needed to effectively work with trauma survivors. 

The program can also serve as the entry to more advanced trauma study. The certificate coursework, approximately 43 hours, can be applied to our Trauma-Informed Care & Counseling Certificate Program for a more in-depth education.

Knowledge & Skills

Upon completion of the certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how psychological trauma contributes significantly in the development of many problems such as various psychiatric disorders, addictions, behavioral disorders, suicidal behavior, personality disorders, violent behavior and chronic health problems.
  • Understand that based on expert consensus, the three-phase model of trauma treatment is best practice: stabilization and managing responses to the trauma; resolution of the traumatic memories which includes processing and grieving the memories; and personality re-integration and rehabilitation (reconnecting with life, relationships and the world in healthy way).
  • Know the models of trauma, the neurobiological basis of trauma, symptom criteria for Acute and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), evidence-based and other effective treatment methods.
  • Use self-care methods to minimize burnout, vicarious traumatization and compassion fatigue.
  • Know how to implement a Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) model in an organization.
  • Understand the relationship between trauma and addiction, and the role of shame.
  • Experience expanded knowledge regarding trauma and other populations or treatment approaches based on the elective course selected.

Please note that this certificate program does not verify competence in the field, but rather indicates completion of the required training. Acquisition of new knowledge and skills improves your ability to deliver services.

Program Format

  • All courses must be purchased through our online catalog, unless otherwise specified.
  • You have up to 18 months to complete the program, although you may complete it in a shorter timeframe. 
  • Online self-study Digital Seminar courses are provided in a video format that you will view on your computer (Internet access and speakers are required). PowerPoints, readings and other materials are included on the course website. Based on best continuing education practice, a quiz is included to verify your acquisition of knowledge. 
  • Access: The Digital Seminar access never expires from the date of purchase. It offers you two options: watch as a streaming video and/or download the video and watch as often as desired. Both can be done at a time of your convenience.
  • Review the introduction to the online format for more information.





All courses must be purchased through our online catalog, unless otherwise specified (links included below).

Foundation (required) Courses: Each underlined course title is hyperlinked to the online catalog so you can see the price and all details.

Elective Course Hours

Visit our online self-study catalog- use the categories to find applicable trauma certificate courses

View the Online Trauma-Informed Clinical Foundation Certificate Program Checklist(64 KB)

> Check the UB MSW Credit Courses page for a current list of courses that count toward the online certificate program if taken within three years of the program start date.

Eligibility & Application

  • Enroll and start at any time that is convenient for you. The program is available 365 days a year.
  • Register for the program online with a credit card or an eCheck from your bank account.
  • Or, you can print and mail the application. Include the $25 application fee. 
  • Eligibility: a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a human service discipline (psychology, criminal justice, sociology, nursing, social work, etc.) or a bachelor's degree and one year of work with clients in a human service organization.
  • Once you receive email notification of acceptance, you will be able to access the online catalog and enroll in courses. This is a separate process and you will need to set up an online account to choose and pay for courses. 
  •  Please allow up to two weeks for us to review and notify you of acceptance. If you need to know as soon as possible, please email us.
  • Purchase online self-study courses based on the categories identified in the category list of the online catalog at the link below this section.

    Questions about registering? Email us or call 716-829-5841.


Cost, CEUs and Certificate of Completion

  • As indicated above, there is a $25 application fee.
  • You can pay for one course at a time. Online course costs vary so please check the online catalog for pricing.  Buffalo one-day trauma courses average around $165. 
  • The cost is approximately $1000 - $1200 for the total program, subject to change.
  • You have up to 18 months to complete the program, although you may complete it in a shorter timeframe if that works best for you. If you need more time to complete the program, email us at
  • Online self-study courses provide a video format that you watch through a computer that has Internet access and speakers. The course site remembers where you left off so you can watch each one in short segments if that best fits your schedule. PowerPoints, readings and other materials are included on the course website. Based on best continuing education practice, a quiz is included to verify your acquisition of knowledge. You have unlimited access to the courser from the date of purchase. You may watch at a time that is convenient or download the course for repeated access.
  • Pay for trainings as you register for them.
  • Please review the introduction to the online format.
  • Visit the online catalog  at the link above this section and find the courses in the designated trauma category.
  • CEU (approved continuing education hours) wording is at the end of each training description. If you need CEUs, please check before you purchase to ensure the course provides them.
  • Certificate of Completion: For those who finish the certificate program, please email us at and include your current mailing address. We will mail you a frameable certificate of completion.