Undergraduate Elective Courses in Social Work: Winter 2018

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Jan. 3, 2019 - Jan. 23, 2019

The UB School of Social Work is very excited to be offering courses for undergraduate students during the winter session.

Through these courses, we hope to introduce students to skills and issues of concern to social workers and people in other helping professions. These courses will not count toward credits in the MSW Program.

For further information on these courses, contact Diane Elze, MSW Program Coordinator, at deelze@buffalo.edu.

For questions about whether these courses will count toward your university requirements, please speak to your academic advisor.

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SW 115 Mental Health in Popular Culture and Media

The purpose of this course is to critically examine how individuals with mental health disorders and their families are portrayed in, and often stigmatized by popular culture and diverse forms of media, including broadcast, various film genres, video games, print media, and social media. Students will also explore how media can be used to reduce the stigmatization and marginalization of people with mental health disorders.

Location: Online
Credit Hours: 2
Registration # 10197
Instructor: Rebecca Rouland Polmanteer