Employment-Based Field Placement Guidelines

An employment-based placement is not a situation in which a student gets credit for work experiences. It is a separate field placement with an educational focus that happens to be at the student’s place of employment.

1. The student must submit a field application choosing employment based field and cover letter/resume.

2. The employment based field placement must meet the following criteria in order to be approved:

a. All required paperwork must be completed by the established deadlines for submission. Final approval must be completed prior to the start date of the field placement.

b. The student must have been employed by the fieldwork site for minimum of 60-days prior to submitting an employment-based field placement proposal.

c. The field placement must be in a different program within the agency. In order to provide new learning opportunities, the field experience must be in an area that is different from where the student is currently employed, has been employed, or had a previous field placement.

d. A field educator is defined as an individual with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from a CSWE accredited program. The field educator should be licensed in NYS with an LMSW or LCSW. Please note: if the field placement is in an agency/program that is exempt according to current NYS law (an exempt agency is one that has a NYS operating certificate from any of the following agencies: OMH, OMRDD, OCFS, or OASAS) then the field educator may not need to be licensed in NYS.

e. The field educator must be a different person than the student’s current or previous employment supervisor or previous field educator.

f. The agency must be willing to establish an affiliation agreement with the School of Social Work, if one does not already exist.

g. The agency must be willing to allow the student/employee to attend classes and have an educationally focused field placement experience.

h. The agency must be willing to allow the field educator to attend field education training and seminars and to have sufficient time to provide the minimum of at least one hour/week supervision for the student.

i. The agency must be able to provide a generalist placement experience if the student/employee is applying for the first/foundation placement. If the agency is providing a second/advanced year placement, it is necessary to provide a placement experience that will match the student’s chosen area of practice.

3. Once the field application and cover letter/resume is submitted, the student should then work with their agency to complete the Employment Based Application.

4. The Employment Based Application must be received by the deadline specified online. Once the application is returned to the Field Education Department, it will be reviewed and a response will be given as soon as possible to indicate whether or not the placement has been approved. A site visit may be required as part of the application review process prior to determining approval.

5. According to the School’s policy, MSW students will be placed in two different field education sites during their MSW training, indicating eligibility for only one employer-based placement. A student may petition for an exception to this policy in the case of employment at a large diverse agency that can demonstrate the ability to offer two new and very different learning opportunities for the student/employee that meet all of the above criteria.