Activities List Results

Student Type: Advanced Year

Objective: Engage with individual, families, groups, organizations, and communities

[TI-HR] = Trauma-Informed and Human Rights perspective

  1. [TI-HR] Student will spend time working with clients in the community (family support group), clients who have multiple problems, be sensitive to their needs and be sensitive to client background stories.
  2. [TI-HR] Student will observe and conduct visits with agency clientele and their families utilizing trauma informed perspective to gather information and document social histories. Student will de-brief and reflect on these interactions in supervision with his/her FE.
  3. [TI-HR] Student will provide solution focused treatment model with children and families, evidencing a strength based approach and a trauma informed perspective.
  4. [TI-HR] Student will evidence an awareness of the impact of trauma on the client by providing counseling services, in collaboration with field educator, that includes an assessment of client trauma, and by creating an atmosphere of safety for the client.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to establish rapport with client during a crisis situation--field educator will provide feedback on a regular basis.
  6. Evidences competences in: listening and attending; reflection and acceptance of feelings; paraphrasing and summarizing content; confrontation;recognition of strengths; incorporating cultural and/or ideological perspectives of clients and reinforcing functional behavior.
  7. Interview staff from at least two other community agencies to learn about the services they provide and how they interface with student field site.
  8. Approach engagement with individuals using an integrated, whole person view of individuals and their problems and resources.
  9. Interview agency staff, administrator, or board member regarding agency history, structure, its programs and funding streams. Articulate in supervision knowledge gained and how it relates to the agency mission statement.
  10. Identify with field educator specific interagency/coalition/task force/etc. meetings to attend with specified meeting dates. Student will report back about these meetings in supervision.
  11. [TI-HR] Student will visit other program sites to learn how they are utilizing trauma informed care or how it could be applied in current setting. Student will discuss with field supervisor during supervision.
  12. Engage departmental staff in a manner to create good teamwork,communication, collaboration and a productive, respectful work environment. This will be evaluated through observation and staff feedback over time.