Activities List Results

Student Type: Advanced Year

Objective: Assess individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities

[TI-HR] = Trauma-Informed and Human Rights perspective

  1. [TI-HR] Student will display knowledge of evidence based and trauma informed practice while working with clients and in clinical supervision with field educator.
  2. [TI-HR] Incorporate a trauma-informed and human rights perspective in to the development of individualized treatment plans, collaborating with the consumer.
  3. Differentially assess based on information presented in Advanced Year Interventions and Advanced Year Seminar course. Discuss in supervision with field educator.
  4. Conduct ________ (insert #) assessments utilizing the information presented in Advanced Year Interventions and Advanced Year Seminar courses. Field educator will review assessments and give feedback.
  5. Implement the assessment tool(s) utilized at the Field agency. Field educator will instruct and provide feedback to student on use of tool(s).
  6. Conduct a lethality assessment of a student under the supervision of Field Educator and to be evaluated by Field Educator
  7. Select the appropriate method, modality and level of care based on the problem severity, client’s strengths and deficits and environmental resources. 
  8. [TI-HR] Student will apply the principles of trauma informed care (safety, choice, trustworthiness, collaboration and empowerment) to all interactions with clients and discuss in supervision. 
  9. Student will be able to make assessment of situation and prioritize interventions at the appropriate level and target group.
  10. [TI-HR] Student will conduct a review of current program assessment and evaluation tools, and help alter if necessary to include a trauma informed - human rights perspective.
  11. Formulates differential diagnosis of family systems and/or groups where appropriate.