Professor Hilary Weaver Appointed as Inaugural Global Commissioner of the Indigenous Commission

Portrait of Hilary Weaver in a library.

Published June 24, 2021


Congratulations to Professor Hillary Weaver for being appointed as the inaugural global Commissioner of the Indigenous Commission with the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).

“My vision is to bring my knowledge, skills, and talents to work as a partner with the talented, skilled, and knowledgeable leaders from around the world already working within the IFSW structure. With such partnerships comes synergy and transformational energy to move our profession forward. I welcome the opportunity to serve my chosen profession through IFSW,” said Weaver. 

Weaver is a professor in the School of Social Work and associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion, and a Lakota social worker residing in Haudenosaunee Territory. The majority of her work focuses on the importance of culture with a particular focus on Indigenous Peoples and a secondary focus on refugees.

This is a new role for the IFSW. In July 2020, the IFSW General Meeting established a permanent Indigenous Commission to ensure that the contributions of indigenous social workers are recognized across the Federation. 

‘This new Commission will strengthen the voice of indigenous social workers within the Federation’, said Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General, ‘and will help IFSW to learn from indigenous knowledges as well as enabling the Federation to address the profession´s histories where indigenous rights were denied.

The IFSW is the global body for the profession. The aim of the Indigenous Commission is to create a structure for utilization if the indigenous knowledge and skills in service delivery locally and globally, The Federation and its national members strive for social justice, human rights and inclusive, sustainable social development through the promotion of social work best practice and engagement in international cooperation.