Is There a Better Way? The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit [Online Video]

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This is a presentation by Thomas R. Ulbrich, MBA, Assistant Dean, School of Management and Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. He explores ways that we are living in a world where change is happening at an ever increasing pace, and how the nonprofit world isn't exempt from the consequences of consolidation, budget pressures, decreased grant funding and increased competition for limited dollars. Entrepreneurial nonprofits look outward to see what people need, discover new ways of doing things and cut a path through the forest of uncertainty to create a clear vision for the future. They don’t accept the word "impossible," and they don’t acknowledge failure. Isn't this ability to deal with uncertainty, to explore creative options and to adapt to change just what your nonprofit organization needs for long-term success? This presentation considers ways for nonprofits to embrace entrepreneurial thinking as a possible solution to some of the changes they are facing.

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