Trauma Informed Training at Center for Employment Opportunities

diverse group of people.

Beginning in Fall of 2016, ITTIC partnered with Buffalo's Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) to provide Seeking Safety groups, as well as training on trauma and trauma-informed care for staff. ITTIC trainers will facilitate two separate Seeking Safety groups for CEO participants during the fall and winter. From January through August of 2017, all CEO staff will receive training and monthly consultation in order to create a trauma-informed system of care.

Principal Investigators: Susan A. Green and Thomas Nochajski
Funding Source: Center for Employment Opportunities
Funding Period: Nov. 1, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2017
Funding Amount: $14,403

For more information on this project, contact Susan A. Green at or 716-645-1249 or Thomas Nochajski at or 716-645-1245.