A Head Start on Healthy Smiles: Does Providing Enhanced Dental Services in a Head Start Program Translate into Improved Oral Health for Young Children Living in Poverty?


This collaborative program began in 2004 between the Outreach Department at the UB School of Medicine and Bethel Head Start to provide comprehensive dental services to children. The project analyzes this data, along with data on the oral health status of children enrolled in other Buffalo area Head Start program, in which children only receive dental screenings.

Principal Investigator: Joan Doris
Funding Source: Les Brun Pilot Research Endowment Fund Pilot Program
Funding Period: Sept. 1, 2008 - Aug. 31, 2009
Funding Amount: $5,408

For more information on this project, contact Joan Doris at jdoris@buffalo.edu or 716-829-3717.