New York State Unified Court System: Office of Court Administration


This training project will seek to teach and assist court personnel in implementing solution focused approaches from a trauma informed system of care in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

The Principal Investigators of this project will will examine how traumatic experiences impact children, families and workers within family court and the child welfare system. In addition, the trainers will discuss how the philosophies and practices of SF-TIC offers a promising, innovative and comprehensive approach to engaging with children and families.

Through lecture, interactive discussion, video and audio demonstration, and case consultations, participants will be introduced to the core philosophies of SF-TIC. Participants will also learn specific techniques and practices that facilitate the integration of the two approaches and will be able to differentiate between "problem-solving" and "solution-building," effectively shifting away from the language of problems and toward the language of solutions.

Principal Investigators: Susan A. Green and Denise J. Krause
Funding Source: New York State Erie County Courts
Funding Period: Oct. 1, 2010 - Sept. 30, 2012
Funding Amount: $29,964

For more information on this project, contact Susan A. Green at or 716-645-1249 or Denise J. Krause at or 716-645-1223.