The Initiation and Implementation of a Community Transition Team Approach for Chronically Homeless Adults

homeless adult.

Cazenovia Recovery Systems Inc. is interested in enhancing its community-based programming for individuals residing in Visions Place by introducing a new team-based approach to strengthen the rehabilitation and support needs of the residents as they prepare for and transition to semi-independent or independent living. This project will implement the pre-program evaluation to establish baseline client data and program design information of Visions Place residents.

Principal Investigator: Thomas Nochajski
Co-Investigator: Barbara A. Rittner
Funding Source: Cazenovia Recovery
Funding Period: Sept. 1, 2006 - Aug. 31, 2007
Funding Amount: $49,720

For more information on this project, contact Thomas H. Nochajski at or 716-645-1245.