COVID-19 Social Work Updates

Together, we are stopping the spread.

Social Distance. Wash Your Hands. Wear a Face Mask. Feel Sick? Stay Home.

The School of Social Work cares deeply about the health and academic progress of our students, as well as the safety of our faculty, staff and their families. We are committed to supporting the SSW community, while working together to take the necessary precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We encourage everyone to stay informed of the latest COVID-19 research and guidance. We ask that you be kind, communicate what you need and take care of yourself.

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Face Coverings on Campus

Social distancing is not always possible. Wearing face masks is the simplest, most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Learn about UB’s latest face mask requirements 

Mandatory Health Screenings

All UB faculty, staff and volunteer faculty/staff who come to a UB or UBMD campus must omplete the Daily Health Check. If you are unable to use the text-based or web-based Daily Health Check, please complete the accessible form below every day you are on campus.

NOTE: All Visitors (e.g., invited guests, vendors) who are otherwise not affiliated with the university are required to complete the Daily Health Check prior to their arrival on campus. An accessible form for visitors is available here.

Please note that UB students, faculty and staff who are not required to complete the Daily Health Check are strongly encouraged to do so out of concern for their personal health and the health of the entire community.

For complete information on the required Daily Health Check, visit UB’s main COVID-19 page.

Source: Human Resources

Guidance for Admissions and Newly Accepted Students

To all UBSSW prospective students – despite the current situation surrounding COVID-19, our application process for 2021 continues without interruption, and we welcome your application.

BSW grade changes and field hour reduction

  • BSW students receiving “Passing” or “Satisfactory” marks rather than a letter grade will be considered to have met our minimal grade requirements in our Advanced Standing eligibility policy. 
  • We support the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) decision permitting reduction of field hours for successful completion of bachelor and master level field placements. Any BSW student who completed their field placement with reduced field hours and also received a “Passing” grade will be considered to have successfully met that requirement for the purpose of eligibility for our Advanced Standing MSW program.
  • Additionally, should you be graduating from a BSW program with a CSWE approved reduced hour field placement, please be assured that as an MSW student with the UB School of Social Work, there will be no requirement for you to complete additional foundation field hours to receive your MSW degree – you will be all set.

A message from Dean Nancy Smyth to newly accepted students and applicants [2:31 min]

Guidance for Continuing Education

Student Emergency Funds

Some of our most vulnerable students—those who rely on the university for food, income or housing—are experiencing significant hardship due to the current crisis. Student emergency funds are available to help ensure these basic needs are met.