faculty spotlight

Melanie Sage.

Driving Melanie Sage’s passion for social work are a focus on family welfare, an interest in technology and social media and deep commitment to professional service and education.

Growing up, Sage knew she wanted to be a child welfare social worker—like her mom. After acquiring her bachelors and masters, Sage interned in child welfare. She thought that a supervisory role in the field would help her positively affect the workforce.

A decade (and a PhD) later, Sage is a researcher and educator; active in social work’s professional side. “I want to see social work education and my professional activities have an impact on real-life practice and on people,” said Sage.

Her interest in technology makes her outspoken. “Technology is here; many are embracing it—and those who are resistant need to know how it might be useful,” she said.

She and her husband, Todd Sage, were excited to move to Buffalo. Sage also appreciates the atmosphere at UB. “Because there’s good support here, I have more time to do my work,” she said. “It’s been nice to have a settling-in period. The combination of quality of life alongside research and great resources seems to create a really good culture.”