Employment Posting

Name of Organization: BestSelf Behavioral Health
Job Title: Victim Advocate
Part-time or Full-time: Full-time
Job Location: Buffalo, NY
Start Date: Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021
Job Description: The Victim Advocate of the Child and Family Trauma Treatment program works within a Multi-Disciplinary Team. The caseload consists of primary and secondary victims of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse, and is shared by the team members. The Victim Advocate assists clients by providing information and referrals based on an assessment of client and family need, advocacy throughout the investigative process, supportive counseling and linkage to the NYS Office of Victim Services.
Required Qualifications: A bachelor's degree in one of the following listed fields: degree featuring a major or concentration in social work, psychology, counseling, or community mental health; AND one-year experience in providing supportive services.
How to Apply: https://www.bestselfwny.org/careers-join-our-team/
Contact: Kristina Hua
Website: https://www.bestselfwny.org