International Field Placements and Study Abroad Programs

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Our students have studied around the globe, from Brazil to Bangladesh and South Africa to Scotland, investigating a range of issues. Students can transfer these credits into the UB School of Social Work to meet some of their elective credits and fulfill field placement requirements.

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Study abroad is an expensive proposition for students, but in our globally-connected society it is more essential than ever. Please help to make this program more accessible to students by supporting our International Study Fund.

MSW Field Placements with an International Focus

The Field Education Department offers regional field placements that provide services to refugee and immigrant populations and address global, social and economic issues and policies, such as human trafficking, refugee resettlement and immigration status.

Students can also develop a field placement in another country by working with field education staff and an international organization.

Procedures for requesting an international placement can be located here. For more information, email

UB Study Abroad Programs Office

In addition to the 80+ programs UB offers, many directed by our faculty, you can choose among 600 programs offered by other SUNY campuses in more than 60 countries.

The Brockport Vietnam Program: Another Step Forward

Since 1998, the Brockport Vietnam Program has provided nearly 200 students with the opportunity to study abroad in a unique program that is a blend of study and service in Danang, Vietnam. It is the only international education of its kind and has become an intrinsically important part of the Danang community as the longest such foreign program in Central Vietnam. Participating students have enrolled in the program since 2000 and have come from across America. The program also has been the subject of many media reports, documentaries and published articles. It has provided academics and service providers from around the globe with assistance and consultation.

UB School of Social Work Students can take part in the Brockport Vietnam Program for Study Abroad credit or to the meet the requirements for the advanced year field practicum. Procedures for requesting an international placement can be located in the My Field Education Dashboard.

Past Social Work Study Abroad Programs