Guidelines for Selecting Agencies for Possible Field Placements

Consider your field placement as an opportunity to expand your experiences. When considering your field placement options, keep in mind your past experiences as an intern, volunteer or human services employee.

Evaluate your field placement goals
  • What experiences have you already had?
  • What experiences would you like to have?
  • Where do you hope to work after graduation?

Please choose agencies that:

Please exclude agencies where:

  • You had a previous field placement.
  • Family members are employed or have had services.
  • You have had services.
  • You are currently employed.

Please make sure to read the agency information completely. 

  • Can you be at the field placement during the hours listed?
  • If an agency website was listed, did you research the agency on the web?

Some agencies may have special requirements such as:

  • Child abuse registry clearance.
  • Fingerprinting.
  • Criminal record check.
  • Drug screening.
  • Physical exam.