Activities List Results

Student Type: Foundation Year

Objective: Advance human rights and social, economic and environmental justice

[TI-HR] = Trauma-Informed and Human Rights perspective

  1. [TI-HR] Identifies opportunities to advocate for human rights and social and economic justice.
  2. [TI-HR] Student will demonstrate the ability to use policy, research, theory and practice to redress social injustice and human rights violations, i.e. through journaling exercise, in supervision, etc.
  3. [TI-HR] Student will attend no less than two meetings of the "trauma task force" (or similar community mental health meeting), and process in supervision with supervisor.
  4. [TI-HR] Student will help raise awareness of trauma and its impact on health, mental health and social well by identifying and disseminating relevant materials and resources.
  5. [TI-HR] Student will identify and refer clients to resources that work to ameliorate and alleviate oppressive circumstances of individuals.
  6. [TI-HR] Student will research topics of oppression, human rights and social justice and present in individual and/or group supervision on the relevance of these for social work practice on micro (self awareness and client interaction) meso and macro levels.
  7. [TI-HR] Student will identify and convey an understanding of community factors that promote racism, sexism, ageism and homophobia, particularly where these concern consumers of field placement agency.
  8. [TI-HR] Student will conduct a literature review of trauma-informed community level care and then use this literature as a base to understand client issues.
  9. [TI-HR] Student will recognize the extent to which cultures and particular values may oppress, alienate, or create power/ privilege in society through discussions with her supervisor when these issues arise, eliminating her own personal biases and advocating for the clients rights within diverse populations.
  10. [TI-HR] Student will visit other program sites to learn how they are utilizing trauma informed care or how it could be applied in current setting. Student will discuss with field supervisor during supervision.