Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Taskstream?

Taskstream is an online system for students, field educators, liaisons and field staff to develop the learning contract and evaluate student performance. It provides a centralized place for students and field educators to create, submit, share and store all field-related work online.

Why an Online Assessment Tool?

Online assessment is becoming the norm in social work education as programs are tasked with presenting evidence of student attainment of Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) competencies and practice behaviors. A focus on skills and competencies in social work education stems from the responsibility programs have to effectively prepare students for practice.

An online assessment tool can make the field learning experience more powerful by allowing for more timely feedback and assistance, clearer expectations and a more helpful progression of assignments.

The move away from paper means that students no longer devote valuable time to submitting hard-copy versions of their work and passing their work between field educators and liaisons for signatures.

Why Taskstream?

We really like that Taskstream offers on-the-spot support and assistance! We spoke with many other schools of social work, and people uniformly raved about their customer support. Taskstream is less expensive than many other alternatives.

What are the Benefits of Using Taskstream?

Benefits for field educators and students include the following:

  • No more paper
  • Electronic signatures
  • More immediate feedback and support from the Field Office and faculty liaison
  • Ease of use
  • Links to helpful web resources

For students, the biggest advantage is related to field learning. Students can request and receive feedback for improving their work and can reflect on their professional growth over time. Other benefits include the following:

  • Students can complete all of their field related work in one central place and easily acquire all necessary signatures online.
  • Students can create multiple, targeted showcases of their work to show employers, schools and others what they know and what they can do.
  • Students can maintain a portable record of work samples and accomplishments even after they graduate and have lifetime access to their materials in Taskstream.

Is Taskstream a Requirement?

Yes. Taskstream is a requirement. Students enrolled in the field course must purchase a Taskstream subscription before they enter their field placement. One and two-year options are available.

Is There a Cost?

There is a cost for students. In the same way students must purchases textbooks for their seated courses, they must purchase a Taskstream subscription before they enter Field. The cost is $42.00 for one year and $69.00 for two.

How Do I Set Up My Account?

Information about setting up a Taskstream account is sent to field educators and students from the Field Office via email. Step-by-step "Quick-Start Guides" are available.