Presentation Templates

faculty presentation.

Below you will find some standard templates and slides based upon the School of Social Work's publications design. These templates are available to you to help project a unified image of the school, so that people viewing the presentation will come away from the presentation with a visual image that they can associate with the School of Social Work.

UB has a new brand initiative, full-time faculty and staff may view all collateral on the Media Drive, I:\Marketing and Branding Toolbox\2016 Logo and Branding.

PowerPoint Slideshows

Streamline your presentation slideshow—and keep it consistent with the UB brand guidelines—by starting with our PowerPoint template. These are perfect for new presentations. If you have an old presentation you want to update, please see the template themes on this page.

Zoom image: formal powerpoint presentation formal powerpoint presentation.
Zoom image: contemporary powerpoint template contemporary powerpoint template.

Template Themes

The templates can be used to apply a theme to presentations that you have already created. To apply the templates to an existing presentation follow these directions.

PowerPoint presentation (dark)

Zoom image: powerpoint sample theme

Poster presentation (horizontal)

Zoom image: presentation poster template image presentation poster template image.

PowerPoint presentation (light)

Zoom image: powerpoint sample theme powerpoint sample theme.

Poster presentation (vertical)

Zoom image: vertical poster presentation template vertical poster presentation template.

Digital Media and Branding

branding slide.

This image may be used for branding videos and other presentations that you are creating. Insert the image into your video to add the School's branding to your video. We suggest you use it at the beginning and end of the video.

Please contact Steve Sturman about any video related questions you may have. More graphic options for videos are available, but not shown here.