Video Request

Please read the "Video Request and Usage Policy" prior to filling out the form below.

Video Request and Usage Policy

  • Please reserve videos at least 24 hours in advance. The sooner you request the videos, the better the chance that they will be available for your reservation.
  • To request and reserve videos for classroom usage please fill out the web form below.
  • Once our staff has confirmed that the videos are available for the date you requested, we will notify you of availability.
  • Students are not allowed to request videos. If a student needs videos for the class, it is the faculty members’ responsibility to reserve the videos. We are now requiring the faculty members to come and pick up and drop off the videos. No videos will be released to students.
  • All videos must be returned WITHIN ONE WEEK.
  • The videos are to be picked up and returned to the school's main office in 685 Baldy Hall during normal business hours.
Questions regarding policy may be directed to Jennifer Hammett at 716-645-3382 or

Video Request Form

Please fill in the appropriate information below so that we can process your request.