Clinical Professor Denise Krause appointed to the New York State Board of Social Workers

Published January 5, 2015

Clinical Professor Denise Krause

denise krause.

Congratulations to Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Alumni Relations Denise Krause, on her five year appointment to New York State Board for Social Work. 

The Social Work Board is one of 29 boards and committees that assist the New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents in the licensing, practice and discipline of 50 professions. 

Selected activities include:

  • The State Boards assist the Department in interpreting the lawful scope of practice, establishing standards of practice, and working to ensure quality professional services for the public (included here is credentialing, licensing, continuing education).
  • Board Members devote a substantial portion of their work to the professional discipline process.
  • The State Boards assist the Department on legislative issues including: proposals for inclusion in the Regents legislative program and bills relating to the professions introduced during the legislative session.