Professor and Dean Nancy J. Smyth and co-authors publish article, "From the Editor - The Future of Social Work Education"

Published October 14, 2016

Nancy J. Smyth

Nancy J. Smyth.

Congratulations to Professor and Dean Nancy J. Smyth and co-authors on the publication of their article, "From the Editor—The Future of Social Work Education," in the Journal of Social Work Education.

Susan P. Robbins, Jo Ann R. Coe Regan, James Herbert Williams, Nancy J. Smyth & Marion Bogo (2016): From the Editor—The Future of Social Work Education, Journal of Social Work Education


One of the most challenging aspects of my role as editor in chief has been writing editorials that I thought would be of interest to the readers of this journal. Over the past four years I have written about a variety of topics including transitions, scholarship, competency-based education, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, peer reviews, and trigger warnings, among others. As my term comes to a close with this issue, my last editorial glances into the future to speculate about what our profession might look like in years to come and offers ideas about some of the possibilities and potential constraints that lie ahead for us as social work educators. However, not having any specific expertise in future forecasting, I invited several leaders whom I consider to be visionaries in social work education to muse along with me about the future of social work education. Here is this result of this collaboration.