Associate Professor Robert Keefe and colleague publish book chapter, "Health promotion and public health"

Published January 24, 2019


Robert Keefe

Robert Keefe.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Robert Keefe and colleague on the publication of their book chapter, "Health promotion and public health."

Keefe, R.H., & Lane, S.D. (2018). Health promotion and public health. In J. Heyman & E. Congress (Eds.). Health care and social work: Practice, policy and research. New York: Springer.

Book summary

This new text illuminates the essential information about health and social work critical to understanding today’s complex health care systems and policies. Chapters highlight current practice, policy, and research in different settings and with special populations. Readers learn how to advocate for the individuals, families, and communities they serve to help improve health and well-being for all. All those interested in micro, mezzo, and macro practices in a health care setting will appreciate this rich resource.

Intended as a core text for MSW and advanced BSW courses on health and social work, social work practice in health care, health and wellness, or integrative behavioral health taught in social work, public health, or gerontology programs, this book is also of value in social work practice courses that focus on health care and special populations. Social workers practicing in the health care field will also appreciate this book.