Clinical Assistant Professor Todd Sage and colleague publish, "Video grading: Enhancing clarity and connection"

Published December 27, 2019


Todd Sage

Todd Sage.

Congratulations to Clinical Assistant Professor Todd Sage and his colleague on the publication of their article "Video grading: Enhancing clarity and connection."

Kruger, J., & Sage, T. (2019). Video grading: Enhancing clarity and connection. Journal of Educational Technology Systems.


Providing feedback to students is an integral part of students learning. The purpose of this research is to identify whether students prefer video grading compared to the traditional method of written feedback. A total of 67 students responded to a Likert-type satisfaction survey related to receiving video feedback and reported that compared to traditional feedback video feedback. Overall, the students felt that the quality, ability to understand information, helpfulness, accessibility, and ease of making changes of video grading were better than written feedback provided in the course, and video grading created trust between the student and the instructor.