Social Work racial justice-focused courses offered this spring

Published October 20, 2020


The UB School of Social Work's curriculum offers a wide variety of courses with different themes. In light of the current social climate in support of Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements, we wish to highlight courses that have a significant racial equity/justice focus in the course description. These courses help students improve understanding of structural racism, anti-racist practice strategies and diversity. 

In Spring 2021, the courses that emphasize racial equity/justice include both undergraduate and graduate options.

Undergraduate options:

  • SW140: Power to the People: Intro to Organizing & Advocacy Strategies
  • SW150: Social Media in Social Change
  • SW230: Theories & Policies of Community Organizing
  • SW245: Global Child Advocacy Issues
  • SW401: Black Masculinities

Graduate options:

Foundation Courses:

  • SW500: History and Policy
  • SW503: Diversity and Oppression
  • SW505: Theories of Human Behaviors and Development
  • SW521: Interventions II

Advanced Year Courses:

  • SW540: Advanced Standing Seminar
  • SW543: Professional Development Seminar

Advanced Interventions:

  • SW522:  Professional Case Management Interventions

Advanced Topics:

  • SW560: Nature and Treatment of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
  • SW561: Dual Disorders
  • SW564: Administration and Management
  • SW566: Social Services to Children, Youth and Families
  • SW569: Community Social Work
  • SW572: Mental Health and Disability Social Work
  • SW576: Assessment and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect
  • SW570: Aging Populations and Their Families


  • SW554: Motivational Interviewing
  • SW556: Forensic Social Work
  • SW559: Trauma Theory and Treatment
  • SW587: Addiction and the Family
  • SW589: Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • SW591: Spirituality in Social Work
  • SW597: Play Therapy
  • SW598: Behavior Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
  • SW599: Public School Social Work
  • SW708: Responding to Disasters with Social Work Interventions
  • SW710: Loss and Grief across the Life Discourse
  • SW714: International Social Work
  • SW720: Introduction to Issues in Veteran and Military Family Care
  • SW722: Restorative Justice Certificate Training (2 credits)
  • SW973: Social Work in medical Settings (1 credit)
  • SW990: Black Masculinities