Technology in Social Work Education: Educators' Perspectives on the NASW Technology Standards for Social Work Education and Supervision [PDF]

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The latest National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Technology Standards (2017a) offer updated guidance for thinking about the use of technology in social work practice, with brief interpretations. Standard 4.0 specifically addresses social work education and the role of educators and supervisors in maintaining professional standards related to technology-mediated practice and educational settings. Discussions with educators revealed a need for broader consideration, which is why the interpretations below were written in collaboration with twenty-five social work educators and supervisors, whose names are listed at the end of this document. The purpose of this document is to adjust the interpretations from a mostly risk-averse and micro-practice focus to a perspective that also acknowledges the potential strengths of technology in work at micro to macro levels of practice and social work education, supervision, and continuing education. Editors: Laurel Iverson Hitchcock, Melanie Sage, Nancy J. Smyth.