Distinguished Scholars Series

Consistent with the Buffalo Center for Social Research mission of disseminating research findings, twice annually we bring to Buffalo outstanding scholars to present their research findings to our community and university stakeholders.
Dr. Brian E. Bride: Collateral Damage: The Impact of Caring for Persons Who Have Experienced Trauma (3/10/2011)

As the field of traumatology has grown, it has become increasingly apparent that the effects of psychological trauma extend beyond those that directly experience traumatic events. Secondary traumatic...

Dr. Jay Wolfson: From Nietzsche to Schiavo: Teaching Intuition to Professionals and the Goldilocks Effect (9/30/2010)

With the case of Theresa Schiavo as a backdrop, clinical, political and legal decisions in society and the way we train professionals are considered. The principles of hope, cognition and will are...

Robert Whitaker: Rethinking Psychiatric Care: If We Follow the Scientific Evidence, What Must We Do To Better Promote Long-term Recovery? (4/30/2010)

During the past 20 years, the number of adults in the United States on federal disability rolls due to mental illness has more than tripled, rising from 1.25 million people in 1987 to more than four...

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson: Spiritual Change in Recovery from Alcoholism (10/23/2009)

Although those in recovery from alcoholism and many treatment professionals believe that spiritual and religious change are important in recovery from alcoholism, there has not been sufficient...

Dr. Lori Weiner: Children with HIV/AIDS Over the Last Three Decades: What We Can Learn by Bridging Clinical Experience with Research Methodology (4/23/2009)

This presentation will take the audience through the emergence of the pediatric HIV/AIDS epidemic beginning in the early 1980’s through the current challenges associated with survival and transition...

Dr. Sarena D. Seifer: Solving our Most Pressing Health Concerns: The Promise of Community-University Partnerships (11/5/2008)

How do we combine the knowledge and wisdom in communities and in academic institutions to solve the major health, social and economic challenges facing our society? During her presentation, Dr. Seifer...

Dr. Michael F. Hogan: Transforming Mental Health in New York State (4/10/2008)

Commissioner Hogan will discuss the evolving mission and focus of mental health care in New York reflecting: 1) the e volving science of mental illness and its treatment; 2) problems in care...

Dr. Thomas M. Vogt: Quality, Costs, & Special Interests: Can We Change Our Behavior in Time to Save US Health Care? (10/4/2007)

The US spends more than twice as much per capita on health care as any other nation, yet it ranks at or near the bottom in life expectancy, patient satisfaction, and percent of the population covered...

Dr. Mary Marden Velasquez: Using the Transtheoretical Model and Motivational Interviewing in the Development and Implementation of Health Behavior Interventions (4/5/2007)

Dr. Mary Marden Velasquez is Associate Dean for Research in the School of Social Work, Director of the Center for Social Work Research, and Director of the Health Behavior Research and Training...

Dr. William Rowe: Cultural Arts Prevention and Intervention for At-Risk Youth: A Replicable Program Model (11/9/2006)

Dr. William S. Rowe is Professor and Director of the School Social Work at The University of South of Florida. He holds appointments in the College of Public Health, the Aids Education and Training...