Technology in Social Work

Social Media and Marketing

Social Media and Marketing Technology and social media open up many doors for reaching out to and connecting with others to promote social work practice, education, and research. In this section, you will find resources related to the effective use of social media and other technologies used for the purposes of networking with other professionals and for marketing social work opportunities to clients and communities.

A Journal Article That Offers Ethical Trainings, Guidance, and Discussion Around Social Media Use in Child Welfare Policy and Practice

This article offers much needed insight on the ethical dilemmas of social media use within child welfare practice and policy by highlighting both the advantages and dangers. The authors conclude by...

A Report on Ways That Facebook Is Being Used to Support Prevention of Suicide

This news article outlines ways that users can utilize tools built into the social networking website Facebook to help connect others with suicide prevention support and resources.

A Video That Discusses What White People Need to Know About #BlackTwitter

In this webinar, our speakers Dr. Kimberly Ellis and Mr. Mike Langlois address these three questions: Why is America so obsessed with "Black Twitter?" What is most impactful about "Black Twitter?" and...

An Overview of Twitter for Professionals

On this website, Howard Rheingold gives a brief overview of the social media micro-blogging website Twitter. It explains what Twitter is, the benefits that it can offer, and some best practices for...

Best Practices for Effectively Using Instagram to Connect with Others

On this website, Stephanie Frasco discusses some best practices for using the social media photo-sharing tool Instagram.

Best Practices for Photo Sharing Using Instagram

On this website, Jennifer Beese discusses some best practices for using the social media photo-sharing tool Instagram.

Best Practices for Using Facebook as a Professional Networking Tool

On this website, Boris Epstein discusses ways to use the social media networking website Facebook to effectively create and manage professional networks.

Best Practices for Using Twitter to Host a Conversation

On this website, Steve Cooper provides guidelines for effectively using the social media micro-blogging site Twitter to host a conversation.

Best Practices for Using YouTube

This webpage from YouTube discusses strategies and best practices that organizations and individuals can use to build and utilize an effective YouTube channel.

Roles That Communication Technology Can Play in Social Work

This PubMed article contains the full text of a peer-reviewed research article about the contributions that advancements in information and communication can play in social work. It provides an...

Technology in Social Work Education: Educators' Perspectives on the NASW Technology Standards for Social Work Education and Supervision

The latest National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Technology Standards (2017a) offer updated guidance for thinking about the use of technology in social work practice, with brief...

Using Social Media to Boost the Public Perception of Social Work

This news article by Rebecca Joy Novell presents ways that social workers can use social media to improve public perceptions of what social workers do, and reasons why it is important to do so.


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