Technology in Social Work

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology There is a whole world of helpful and effective tools available to assist with teaching and education. Here, you will find resources that may be useful for enriching social work education and classroom experiences.

A Framework for Approaching Education and Training to Effectively Utilize Technology

On this website, Neil Ballantyne explains a framework for designing educational and professional development resources in ways that effectively utilize technology. It includes a video sample that...

A Mobile App for Children That Teaches Social and Emotional Skills

This mobile application for iOS and Android devices leads children through an interactive adventure with Allen, a youth from another planet who is trying to learn how to interact with other children...

A Program for Making Games That Can Be Educational or Therapeutic

GameMaker: Studio is a free app from YoYo Games for creating video games; the app does not require any prior programming knowledge or experience. The website also provides tutorials to learn how to...

Important Dates in Civil Liberties History

This free website provides a calendar of important civil liberties events in U.S. history, with links to further information and resources on events. The contents can be searched by date and by topic.

Programs for Making Animations That Can Be Used for Education, When Working with Clients, or in Agencies for Marketing or Training Purposes

The website includes a list, compiled by Richard Byrne, of five free websites that practitioners and clients can use to create short animations which could be used to engage clients (e.g., as a form...

Spent: An Interactive Program That Simulates Trying to Get Through One Month on Limited Income

Spent is a poverty simulator by McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham where users go through a month making daily choices regarding how they earn and use their money. Organizations may find it...

Technology in Social Work Education: Educators' Perspectives on the NASW Technology Standards for Social Work Education and Supervision

The latest National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Technology Standards (2017a) offer updated guidance for thinking about the use of technology in social work practice, with brief...

Technology's Effects on Social Workers' Daily Practices

In this podcast, Dr. Faye Mishna discusses her research examining social workers' experiences and how communication technology has entered their daily practice. Existing literature has highlighted the...

Using Games and Game Models in Clinical Practice

In this video from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, Charles Syms, LCSW, and Michael Langlois, LICSW, discuss gaming and gamification and explore ways they can be used in clinical...


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