UB Faculty Collaborators

The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care collaborates with UB faculty on both grant projects and research.

Annahita Ball

Photo of Annahita Ball.

Annahita (Anna) Ball, PhD, MSW, joined the UBSSW faculty in August 2014. Anna’s research focuses on advancing educational justice for vulnerable children and youth. Her recent projects include exploring various aspects of family engagement and empowerment in schools, including parent organizing for educational reform and the development of a framework for family engagement practice. Anna also has research and practice experience related to strengthening mental health services in schools and creating inclusive school climates to support marginalized students. She has collaborated with schools and districts in WNY and other states to implement student-driven programs and teacher professional development focused on school climate, disciplinary procedures and student mental health. Currently, Anna is partnered with ITTIC to support the Institute’s school-based services, including school-wide TIC implementation.

Gretchen Ely

Gretchen Ely.

Gretchen Ely, PhD, MSW, came to UB as an Associate Professor in 2014 after 10 years on faculty at the University of Kentucky. Gretchen’s research is focused on access to healthcare, with a particular concern for women’s access to reproductive healthcare. Her current projects include research partnerships with the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Abortion Support Network that focus on examining cases detailing the experiences of women in the United States and Ireland who are seeking financial and travel assistance to access abortions. She is also currently partnering with Inroads, an international agency that works to address abortion stigma, to develop an infographic to address abortion stigma in social work. Her current partnership with ITTIC is focused on manuscript preparation and applying a trauma-informed lens in research on healthcare access.  


Denise Krause

Denise J. Krause, MSSW, is a clinical professor at the UB School of Social Work. Krause has been involved in several ongoing solution-focused training initiatives in New York State since 2005, many in collaboration with ITTIC. She works with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, county-level social service departments and voluntary agencies to train at the administrative, supervisory and direct service levels. 

Laura Lewis.

Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis, PhD, LCSW, is the Director of Field Education and Assistant Dean for Global Partnerships at UBSSW. Dr. Lewis contributed to the School's Reaffirmation Project in 2010, “Developing Concepts, Frameworks and Applications of a Trauma‐Informed and Human Rights Perspective in Social Work Practice”. The integration of trauma-informed and human rights perspective into the School’s field education curriculum continues to be a focus of her work. Dr. Lewis also serves as co-director of the School’s Institute for Sustainable Global Engagement. The Institute brings together researchers and faculty with common interests, facilitating collaborations in research and expanding and developing educational and service opportunities. This fosters global engagement and rights based approaches to help alleviate pressing social and economic challenges. She is working together with ITTIC to form relationships and collaborate with colleagues in Rwanda, Africa.


Patricia Logan-Greene

Patricia Logan-Greene, MSSW, PhD, joined the faculty of the UBSSW in 2011. Her research interests center on the long-term effects of childhood adversities on trauma, including engagement in violence and crime. She is particularly interested on how childhood adversities and social disadvantage may comprise a pipeline to prison via the juvenile justice center. Her recent work has focused on how to make systems, especially Child Protective Systems and the juvenile justice system, more responsive to histories of trauma, in order to prevent future maltreatment and crime. She is working with ITTIC to develop ways to transform the Erie County juvenile justice system to be trauma-informed.


Annette Semanchin Jones

Annette Semanchin Jones, PhD, MSW, joined the UBSSW faculty in August 2013 and began collaborating with ITTIC soon after that. Annette’s research is focused on innovative approaches in child welfare that aim to strengthen child well-being. Recent projects include promoting relational permanence for youth in foster care, addressing racial disparities and identifying supports for families and children who experience chronic neglect. Her current ITTIC collaboration is a project through the National Center for Social Work Trauma Education and Workforce Development (funded by SAMHSA). Annette is working with co-directors, Tom Nochajski and Sue Green, to partner with New Directions Youth and Family Services to help build capacity to implement evidence-based trauma treatments with children and families. She hopes to expand this work to continue to build capacity with other agencies in the region in the coming years.  


Mickey Sperlich

Mickey Sperlich, PhD, MSW, MA, CPM, joined the UBSSW faculty in August of 2015. She has been a part of several trauma-focused perinatal studies, and is co-author of a psychosocial intervention for pregnant survivors of abuse: the Survivor Moms’ Companion. Mickey is currently studying a postpartum version of this intervention in Detroit, Michigan, and is broadly interested in developing trauma-informed approaches to address the sequelae of sexual violence and other trauma, particularly for childbearing women. Mickey is currently collaborating with Tom Nochajski and Sue Green, along with other ITTIC team members, on a project with New York State SUCCESS and Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI) to develop a trauma-informed care assessment tool for organizations that will increase accessibility, include attention to the effects of toxic stress and provide support for implementation. Mickey is also working with ITTIC to develop a curriculum to determine best practices for conducting client-centered psychoeducational trauma support groups for women in a residential treatment setting with opioid use disorder.