WNY Trauma-Informed Care Champion Team

WNY Champion Team.

In spring 2017, members of the Health Foundation's Health Leadership Fellows Program Cohort V (Team Mozart) received a grant through the Health Foundation to build a team of trauma-informed care "Champions" across the eight counties of Western New York. 

Trauma-Informed Care Champions

Champions are often positioned in the role(s) of trainer, mentor, coach, consultant and role model in organizations. After being trained, they are able to bring information, resources and skills to others in the organization, train new hires and continue the trauma-informed change process for overall sustainability.

First Cohort

April 2017-January 2018

Team Mozart, in collaboration with the Trauma Informed Community Initiative (TICI) of Western New York, contracted with ITTIC to facilitate a seven-month learning collaborative in order to train the identified Champions on creating trauma-informed organizational change and to create a policy resolution calling for county legislatures to embrace trauma-informed care.

36 Champions, with representation from all eight counties of Western New York, were selected collaboratively by Team Mozart and ITTIC in April 2017. The Champions met with ITTIC trainers monthly from May through October 2017, where they received training and consultation on trauma-informed care and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)'s ten implementation domains.

Below are photos from the Champion kick-off on May 5, 2017:

Additionally, the team worked together with members of the TICI Legislative Committee in order to draft and finalize a policy resolution asking their county legislature to embrace trauma-informed care. The resolution was presented to members of the community and Dr. Mandy Davis from Trauma Informed Oregon at the Champion team graduation on January 24, 2018. Dr. Davis provided feedback on the resolution that will be addressed prior to Champions bringing the resolution to their county legislature. 

Dr. Mandy Davis Presented During Champion Graduation with TICI and the Community

Dr. Mandy Davis, the Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, presented to the Champions, the TICI Legislative Committee and to the community about the work being done through Trauma Informed Oregon. She also gave feedback to the Champions and the Legislative Committee in regards to the policy resolution they created.

Trauma Informed Oregon is a statewide collaborative that works in partnership with providers, organizations and individuals who have experienced trauma in order to promote and sustain trauma-informed policies and practices. Dr. Davis works with Trauma Informed Oregon to provide training, consultation and workforce development to organizations and systems around trauma-informed care and trauma-specific services. 

Click here to listen to Dr. Mandy Davis who is featured in Episode 235 of the inSocialWork Podcast Series- Trauma Informed Oregon: A Statewide Initiative to Change How Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Perceived and Addressed

Below are photos from the Champion graduation on January 24, 2018:

May 2018 - December 2018

In May 2018, the first cohort of Champions began their participation in an advanced collaborative that focuses on action planning and implementation of trauma-informed organizational change in their agency/community. Champions selected a specific trauma-informed care-related task/activity/project to work on within their agency/community. For instance, becoming a trauma-informed care trainer, looking at agency policies and procedures, etc. 

For the duration of the collaborative, they met with ITTIC trainers monthly for consultation and coaching around their identified project, both individually and in small groups. The Champions presented the work completed on their projects and next steps at their graduation from the advanced collaborative on December 7, 2018.

Second Cohort

March 2018- September 2018

Team Mozart received an additional grant through the Health Foundation in December 2017 to continue the work started with the first cohort of Champions. Team Mozart collaborated with ITTIC and TICI to identify a second group of 35 Champions with representation from all the counties of WNY. 

The collaborative for the second cohort of Champions kicked-off on March 15, 2018 at Hospice Buffalo's Education Center. The team came together with ITTIC trainers in order to collaboratively discuss what they are noticing regarding trauma/adversity, re-traumatization, advocacy, work being done across the country around trauma-informed care and the components of creating trauma-informed culture change. 

Below are photos from the second cohort Champion kick-off event on March 15, 2018:

Similar to the first cohort, the Champions met with ITTIC trainers monthly from April-September 2018, where they received training and consultation on SAMHSA's ten implementation domains for trauma-informed care. The collaborative closed on December 7, 2018 with a final graduation event.

Below are photos from the second cohort and advanced champion graduation on December 7, 2018: