Trauma-Specific Interventions

The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care has offered several evidence-based and evidence-supported trauma interventions. ITTIC has provided trauma-specific treatment to refugees and immigrants, victims of domestic violence, women struggling with addiction and children who have experienced various froms of trauma. 

After a group with refugee women combining Seeking Safety and mandala art, one woman commented, “I feel happy again.”

Seeking Safety Program

Seeking Safety is a present-focused therapy to help people attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance abuse. The treatment is available as a book, providing both client handouts and guidance for clinicians.

The treatment was designed for flexible use. It has been conducted in group and individual format; for women, men and mixed-gender individuals; using all topics or fewer topics; in a variety of settings (outpatient, inpatient, residential); and for both substance abuse and dependence. It has also been used with people who have a trauma history but do not meet criteria for PTSD.

Other Trauma-specific Interventions

In addition to implementing Seeking Safety, ITTIC has sponsored trainings for area professionals working with individuals with histories of trauma. See more about Service Provider trainings.

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