Trauma 101 Presentations

Sue Green training.

Do you want your staff to understand the impact of trauma on their clients and themselves? Are you looking to introduce your staff to trauma-informed care? ITTIC's trauma 101 presentations will provide staff with foundation knowledge on trauma/adversity, the potential for re-traumatization and the principles of trauma-informed care.

Who: Agencies/organizations looking to introduce staff to trauma-informed care

What: Typically an initial 2.5-hour presentation that focuses on what is trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), re-traumatization and an introduction to TIC, followed by at least 2 follow-up consultations to further operationalize and anchor the 5 guiding principles of TIC for staff. Trainings and consultations are tailored to the population the agency works with and their unique needs.

Where: ITTIC trainers will come to you in order to provide the training.

When: ITTIC trainers will work with you to plan dates and times.

Schedule Presentations

To request more information about scheduling presentations for your staff, please contact us at (716) 829-3745 or by using our contact form.