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Interview on Refugee-Related Trauma

The following interview is a personal account of a family that experienced trauma fleeing from their home country. The interview highlights the role of strength and resilience in the family's journey toward growth and healing.

The Kurkjian Family (Survivors)

7/5/17 - The Kurkjian family fled the civil war and bloodshed in their native Syria in order to find safety and a new beginning in Canada. In this interview, Elias and Nivine, and their sons Tony and Jack, reflect on their journey from Aleppo to Beirut and, eventually, to Kelowna, British Columbia. Elias reflects on the instability, violence and lack of opportunity in Syria, and his desire to provide a better, safer life for his sons. The family also shares their struggle in moving to a new country, particularly regarding language and professional credentialing. Mary Manton was part of the sponsorship team that helped the Kurkjian family transition to life in Kelowna, and together, the family and Mary talk about the process of collaborating and cultivating a relationship with one another.  

Please note that there are pauses for translation, simple re-explanations of some key concepts and several people involved in the interview. It is certainly a worthwhile listen.  

Keywords: Aleppo; Canadian refugees; civil war; sponsorship; Syria