MSW Students Inducted into Rho Kappa Honor Society

Published April 20, 2022


Congratulations to our latest MSW students on achieving excellence and  being inducted into the Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society - Rho Kappa Chapter on April 21, 2022. 

The Phi Alpha Honor Society provides a closer bond among students of social work while promoting humanitarian goals and ideals. The organization fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership only those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

For details on eligibility visit the Rho Kappa website.

The students inducted this year include:

Jorge Acevedo

Ashley Appell

Breanna Austin

Christal Backhaus

Aliza Benson

Maureen G. Boorum

Hannah Chambers

Joseph Cicatello

Leigh Collins

Kristy Colvin

Olivia Colombo

Makenzie DePetrillo

Lyndsie Duemmel

Brigid Edwards

Kelly R. Flowers

Dawn Desiree Freeman

Adam Fryer

Mary Gannon

Claire Gerchman

Shana Guiffrida

Sara Hanson

Jessica Holly

Cameron Houser

Alexa Huntington

Cari Hurley

Victoria Johnson

Rachel Jones

Briana Kelly Jones

Casie Keegan

Tara Kielich

Jennifer LaJoy

Kristen R. Lanzano

Kelly Lefsyk

Maria Magavern

Sarah Martin

Cailey McGillicuddy

Tamara Novak

Hannah Ossman

Jenna Poinan

Seryn Potter

Jacqueline Quiquero

Heather Rand

Lisa Sapolis

Avery Inga Seyler-Wetzel

Chastity Simmons

Stephanie Smith

Almeida Soteli

Rachel Spink

Allison Steinberg

Haley M. Strassburg

Holly Sullivan

Melissa Tanner

Anne Thomas

Jessica M. Toscano

Anna Tschopp

Daniel Valentino

Ashley Webb

Jillian Webster

Evangeline Wells

Devin Wiesner

Alexandra Wilkosz

Gabrielle Witte

Andrea Witter

Mariah Yochelson

Megan M. Zbytek