faculty spotlight

Thomas Nochajski.
“From my research with DWI offenders, I developed a screening instrument for DWI offenders that is currently being used in several states and Canadian provinces. ”

My background is in organizational psychology and motivation. The focus in my research has always been to help make things better through application. From studies and interventions with DWI offenders—including their trauma histories—I developed a more reliable DWI screening instrument that is now being used by law enforcement in 10 states and several Canadian provinces. 

I work with many different PhD students to help them in their dissertations. They all have different interests. Some, for example, are examining various aspects of drug, mental health, family, and youth courts throughout the community and their effectiveness. My common interest is my love to learn and I learn a lot from their work.

I may teach the same course to different classes, but what I say and how I approach it differs depending on who’s sitting in front of me. I try to gear it toward the interests of each class.