Medical/Public Health

Passionate medical and public health social workers help people cope with health-related challenges, whether they are facing terminal, chronic or acute illness. In addition to conducting research, these dedicated individuals are involved in efforts that may include policy development, service coordination, advocacy, counseling and caregiving. Medical and public health social workers possessing a state-mandated license are also called licensed clinical social workers (LCSW).

Current Projects

The purpose of this proposed project will be to conduct a qualitative analysis of 30 transcripts from Planned Parenthood of East Tennessee’s Tennessee Abortion Stories Project, which represent rural, urban and Appalachian patient’s descriptions of their abortion seeking experiences in Tennessee. The study will be conducted using the framework approach to guide the qualitative analysis.
This project will evaluate a financial capability-building program for NACPA’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants in Los Angelis and New York City.
The overarching goal of this five-year partnership is for the Buffalo Center for Social Research (BCSR) to assist Hillside Family of Agencies (HFA) in establishing and implementing a strategically-focused research program that builds on the strengths of both BCSR and HFA.
Beginning in Fall 2015, the Institute of Trauma and Trauma Informed Care (ITTIC) partnered with the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute in a five-year contract around trauma and trauma-informed care training for those working with the AIDS/HIV+ population. ITTIC will train Peers from around the state each year as part of the AIDS Institute’s Peer certification program. Additionally, ITTIC will train and work with identified individuals known as “champions” in order to help them bring the knowledge and skills around trauma and trauma-informed care back to their spots across the state.