Mental/Behavioral Health

At some point in their lives, approximately half of the U.S. population will experience a mental health or behavioral disorder that affects their social functioning, according to the NASW – and more than half of all mental health professionals are clinically trained social workers.  Individuals focused in this area are highly skilled in preventing, assessing and treating psychological, behavioral, emotional, social and environmental issues, from personal life changes to workplace concerns, and from depression and anxiety to crisis and trauma.

Current Projects

This study will collect self-report, biological, and official record data on the drinking and the driving of 300 first DWI offenders sentenced to 6 months on the interlock.
Beginning in Fall 2015, the Institute of Trauma and Trauma Informed Care (ITTIC) partnered with the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute in a five-year contract around trauma and trauma-informed care training for those working with the AIDS/HIV+ population. ITTIC will train Peers from around the state each year as part of the AIDS Institute’s Peer certification program. Additionally, ITTIC will train and work with identified individuals known as “champions” in order to help them bring the knowledge and skills around trauma and trauma-informed care back to their spots across the state.