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Expert clinicians and trainers are continually recruited to provide current content in both clinical and administrative topics. We seek the best so that we can give the very best back to our community!

Apply to be a trainer

Opportunities are available to apply for consideration as a trainer for continuing education workshops and certificate programs.  The majority of our training programs are for masters level clinicians. We do offer a select number of programs that target new, middle and/or senior human service managers and administrators.

If you are interested in being considered as a trainer, please email or mail:

  1. Your resume or CV
  2. Details on your previous training experience
  3. Specific training topic(s) with descriptions and learning objectives that you believe would be of interest to professionals (specify the number of hours as we usually present half-day or full-day trainings)
  4. Please be aware that you should be current in knowledge, skills, and research in your area of expertise.
  5. Any previous evaluation summaries or recommendations/references from the provision of your training services to masters level clinicians or managers/administrators

Email us at:   For questions, call: 716-829-5847

Mailing Address:

Kathleen T. Heim, LMSW

Director of Continuing Education

UB School of Social Work

Office of Continuing Education

232 Parker Hall

Buffalo, NY 14214-8004

Resources for Developing Your Training Skills

Becoming a great trainer takes passion, experience, expert mentoring, feedback based on evaluations and observations, and on-going learning. For those who are new to training or wanting to develop skills as a trainer, below is a select list of resources that may be of use.

Dazzle Them! Presentation skills training with Mary Beth Debus

Essential Speaker Checklist

5 Tips on Using Humor to Engage Your Audience

Creating Effective Presentation Slides: which platform to use

Storytelling Techniques Used by the Most Inspiring TED Presenters

Comprehensive Webinar Checklist

Pedagogy vs. Andragogy Chart

Training for Dummies

Training and Development For Dummies

When you train for us, it counts toward your NYSED contact hours!

For those who are New York LMSWs, LCSWs, LCSW-Rs,  LMHCs, LCATs, or LMFTs, NYSED has a process allowing you to count training for an approved provider as hours needed to renew your license registration. Check the Continuing Education FAQ sections for your license for details on calculating contact hours.

1. For licensed social workers: refer to FAQ 20 & 21.

2. For LMHC, LCAT and LMFT: refer to this page to locate your license section in the left vertical column and  locate FAQ 20 & 21 in the applicable continuing education link.