Faculty Spotlight

catherine dulmus.
“I've expanded my research in children's mental health through a university-community research partnership whereby our findings are quickly applied in practice. ”

I’ve expanded my research into a university-community research partnership to further develop and test intervention from the field for effectiveness in the area of children’s mental health. Because it’s being done in partnership, our findings are immediately put right back into practice. It’s very rewarding because we’re able to contribute knowledge to practice faster and more efficiently because they’re part of the process.

I teach evidence-based practice in mental health. I’ve seen adults suffer so terribly with serious mental illness. When I listen closely, they’ve been suffering since they were children. Nobody ever intervened early. My hope is to intervene earlier and look at developing preventive interventions earlier to reduce the amount of suffering and help them to have a more satisfying adult life. As I teach I’m able to realize the samples of my research empower testing and developing interventions, using the knowledge we gain for practitioners quicker.