Parker hall.

The UB School of Social Work’s Buffalo Center for Social Research facilitates faculty and graduate student research programs by providing assistance in securing external support for their scholarly, research, teaching and community service activities through individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary grant proposal submissions.

  • Current Projects
    The Buffalo Center for Social Research assists researchers in generating grant proposals that are successfully supported through a variety of external funding sources.
  • Mission and Vision
    To facilitate the discovery and advancement of social work knowledge through community partnerships and interdisciplinary research, with a commitment to dissemination of findings and technology transfer.
  • History
    Housed in Parker Hall on UB’s South Campus, the Buffalo Center for Social Research (BCSR) promotes interdisciplinary research that builds on the university's faculty strengths and strategic initiatives.
  • Staff & Project Directors
    The Buffalo Center for Social Research has a core staff of individuals with an array of skills and expertise who support our day-to-day operations. 
  • Research Associates
    Our investigators find a supportive research environment at the Buffalo Center for Social Research.