inSocialWork® is the UB School of Social Work’s biweekly podcast series. The purpose is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research. 

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Dr. Margaret (Meg) Chisolm offers an alternative approach to treating folks experiencing mental illness. Helping professionals and students of all stripes are familiar with the various iterations of the DSM – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders now in its 5th edition. It’s pretty much the bible for the classification of psychiatric disorders in the U.S. and it arguably dictates assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in huge segments of the helping professions. Dr. Chisolm talks about her ambivalence about labels that are applied by the DSM and walks listeners through the framework and core concepts of the Perspectives Approach. A holistic, whole-person life story emerges as clients construct recovery with their voice in the center of the narrative.

Our Featured Podcast

Episode 283 - Dr. Robin Leake: Child Welfare and COVID-19: Ensuring safety and well-being in a global pandemic

In this episode, our guest Dr. Robin Leake - Project Director for National Child Welfare Workforce Initiative (NCWWI) discusses how social workers are navigating the impact of the Coronavirus on child welfare systems, the people they serve, and the workers who serve them. She details how workers are attending to their core mission, how they are supporting families, and how they are struggling with the impact on their own lives as they adapt to the severe disruptions the pandemic has introduced.

Technology in Social Work

Technology in Social Work Resource Center.

It is an exciting time to be a social worker! New and innovative uses of technology are opening up possibilities for better serving our clients. inSocialWork® and the UB School of Social Work have many opportunities to learn more about creative ways that social workers are using technology and explore the latest information on how you can incorporate technology into your practice.

Listen to the podcasts below to find out more about how social workers are leveraging different kinds of technology to build upon client strengths and increase the impact of their agencies. These podcasts cover a wide range of technologies, ranging from text messaging to social media, and even video games!

You can also check out the Technology in Social Work Resource Center, which contains links to a variety of websites, video, podcats, and articles that explore how technology is making a difference in social work practice. You can even submit your own suggestions for items to include in the Technology Resource Center! 


Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perspective

Here at the University of Buffalo School of Social Work, we are proud of our Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perespective!

inSocialWork® offers a variety of podcasts on trauma, trauma-informed care, human rights and social justice. You can browse these podcasts at the links below. You can also download flyers highlighting just a few of our podcasts on these topics.

Global Social Work


Social workers need a variety skills and a knowledge base to successfully navigate the diverse landscape of our increasingly global world. The University at Buffalo School of Social Work provides many opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for professional practice and global citizenship. Follow the links below to learn more about these opportunities, and to listen to some of our podcasts on cultural competence and international social work.

Self-Care with inSocialWork®

Self-care is an essential part of sustaining good social work practice.

At inSocialWork®, we encourage social workers to explore, develop, and engage good self-care to enrich both their lives and their profession.

Here, you can find links to our podcasts related to social worker self-care, explore a variety of self-care resources in UB School of Social Work's Self Care Starter Kit, and view inspiring photos of social workers engaging in self-care submitted by listeners to our Self-Care Photo Contest. Be sure to 'Like' our Facebook page for updates on new episodes and information on inSocialWork®!

Most Popular Categories

From mental health to substance abuse, from ethics to cultural competence, there is a variety of podcast topic categories to explore.

Currently, the categories with the most downloads are:

1. Macro Social Work & Community Issues

2.  Trauma & Trauma-Informed Care*

3. Social Work Practice & Interventions*

Enjoy this sample of top picks from among our most popular topics:

Episode 147 - Dr. Rukshan Fernando and Andy Germak: Social Entrepreneurship as a Social Work Practice

When asked about the word "entrepreneurship," most people are likely to think about business-oriented activities, perhaps, more specifically, using business innovation as a route to develop or enhance a business enterprise. However, most people probably have not considered using social consciousness as a foundation for engaging in entrepreneurial activities. In this podcast, Professors Rukshan Fernando and Andy Germak will explore using entrepreneurship as a method to address social change.

Episode 48 - Robert Whitaker: Rethinking Psychiatric Care: If We Follow the Scientific Evidence, What Must We Do to Better Promote Long-term Recovery?

In this episode, author and journalist Robert Whitaker discusses what he has discovered through study of the evidence that is utilized to guide the treatment of psychiatric illness. With a critical eye, he describes the paradoxes in the conventional wisdom and practice in this field and how faithfully "following the evidence" would transform care for the drug-based treatment of mental illness.

Episode 10 - Dr. Sandra Bloom: The Sanctuary Model: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Treatment and Services

Sandra L. Bloom, M.D., co-creator of the Sanctuary Model, discusses a trauma-informed approach to treatment and systems change. Dr. Bloom describes the paradigm shift needed to understand the psychobiology of trauma and its impact on recovery from mental illness.

Episode 5 - Models of Supervision: Parallel Processes and Honest Relationships

Peter Sobota, Clinical Assistant Professor at the UB School of Social Work, speaks with Dr. Lawrence Shulman, Professor and Dean Emeritus of the UB School Of Social Work, about the nature of supervision in direct practice and administration.

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