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A Black adolescent holds their knees while a shadow looms behind them.

“This is an incredible opportunity for a social worker to show up. And when we do, because of how we are uniquely trained, things get better. Because we do see the person and environment context, and we’re not just thinking about remediation of symptoms if you will. We’re looking at the structures that help perpetuate or create that person’s struggle to begin with.” - Dean Michael A. Lindsey, PhD, MSW, MPH

“What’s goin’ on?” Black children and adolescent suicide rates in the U.S. increased 75% and injury by attempt rose by 122%, based on data collected from 1991 to 2017. By contrast, suicide rates among youth in all other racial and ethnic groups fell during the same period. In 2019, Black teenagers were found to be more likely to attempt suicide without showing any external signs of ideation than their white peers.

Michael A. Lindsey is the dean and Paulette Goddard Professor of Social Work at the NYU Silver School of Social Work, and an Aspen Health Innovators Fellow. He is a noted scholar in the fields of child and adolescent mental health, as well as a leader in the search for knowledge and solutions to generational poverty and inequality.  Lindsey led the group responsible for the Congressional Black Caucus Emergency Task Force on Black Youth Suicide and Mental Health, which created the report, “Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America.”  Policy resulting from this work is making its way through the legislative process. 

Our Featured Podcast

In this episode, our guest Carlos Velazquez, MSW, shares his personal and professional journey, which began with an attraction to the profession working at the macro level, and led to leadership positions, including his current role as executive director of the New York City Police Athletic League. He will also discuss how social workers need to think beyond traditional career paths and employment settings to get the work done.

Popular Topics

Technology in Social Work

Graphic showing people working on various devices.

It is an exciting time to be a social worker! Innovative technology has opened up new possibilities to better serve our clients. 

On inSocialWork®, you can discover how social workers are leveraging technology in creative ways to build upon client strengths and increase the impact of their agencies. Our episodes cover a wide range of technologies—from telehealth and apps to text messaging, social media and even video games.


Trauma-Informed and Human Rights Perspective

Here at the UB School of Social Work, we integrate a trauma-informed and human rights perspective into all of our programs. inSocialWork® offers a variety of podcasts on trauma, trauma-informed care, human rights and social justice.

Global Social Work


Social workers need a variety of skills and a strong knowledge base to successfully navigate the diverse landscape of our increasingly global world. The UB School of Social Work provides many opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for professional practice and global citizenship.


Self-care is an essential part of sustaining good social work practice.

At inSocialWork®, we encourage social workers to explore, develop and engage in good self-care to enrich both their lives and their profession.

Most-Downloaded Categories

From mental health to substance abuse, from ethics to cultural competence, you can explore a variety of topics with inSocialWork®.

Currently, the topics with the most downloads are:

  1. Macro Social Work and Community Issues
  2. Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
  3. Social Work Practice and Interventions

Episode 147 - Dr. Rukshan Fernando and Andy Germak: Social Entrepreneurship as a Social Work Practice

When asked about the word "entrepreneurship," most people are likely to think about business-oriented activities, perhaps, more specifically, using business innovation as a route to develop or enhance a business enterprise. However, most people probably have not considered using social consciousness as a foundation for engaging in entrepreneurial activities. In this podcast, Professors Rukshan Fernando and Andy Germak explore using entrepreneurship as a method to address social change.

Episode 48 - Robert Whitaker: Rethinking Psychiatric Care: If We Follow the Scientific Evidence, What Must We Do to Better Promote Long-term Recovery?

In this episode, author and journalist Robert Whitaker discusses what he has discovered through studying the evidence used to guide the treatment of psychiatric illness. With a critical eye, he describes the paradoxes in the conventional wisdom and practice in this field and how faithfully "following the evidence" would transform care for the drug-based treatment of mental illness.

Episode 10 - Dr. Sandra Bloom: The Sanctuary Model: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Treatment and Services

Sandra L. Bloom, MD, co-creator of the Sanctuary Model, discusses a trauma-informed approach to treatment and systems change. Dr. Bloom describes the paradigm shift needed to understand the psychobiology of trauma and its impact on recovery from mental illness.

Episode 5 - Models of Supervision: Parallel Processes and Honest Relationships

Peter Sobota, clinical assistant professor at the UB School of Social Work, speaks with Dr. Lawrence Shulman, professor and dean emeritus of the UB School Of Social Work, about the nature of supervision in direct practice and administration.

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