About Field Placements

Our field work opportunities allow you to:

  • Apply the knowledge and skills you learn in the classroom to real-life situations where you can help people in a range of settings, from urban to rural.
  • Transition from student to social work professional by conducting your field experience under the supervision of an accomplished social worker and a faculty liaison.

UB social work students can take advantage of the numerous partnerships the school enjoys with community agencies across Western and Central New York and northern Pennsylvania.

Students are matched to agencies for their foundation placement. For the advanced year placement, students can select a field setting that aligns with their educational and professional goals.

Field placements typically consist of 15 hours of work per week during the academic year and are completed over two semesters.

Why Field Education at UB?

Our students have the freedom to choose to complete their field education requirements outside the region or even abroad. A one-semester (or “block”) placement option is available in these circumstances.

Opportunities for award placements and for placements that include an enhanced curricular focus are also available.

International and Out-of-Region Placements

Field placements in other countries or regions are developed by the field education staff in partnership with the student and an interested organization.

Placements with an Enhanced Curricular Focus

Field placement opportunities with an enhanced focus may include networking sessions, and classroom seminars.  Some may also provide stipends or awards.  

Field Placement Requirements

In most cases, placement opportunities require students to be present during traditional hours, when educational opportunities are most likely to be available. While we do our best to match students to agencies based on student feedback and interest areas, we are unable to guarantee students specific locations or alternative time requests.