BA/MSW Joint Degree

MSW students in the classroom.

In the BA/MSW program you'll study the systems delivering human services to individuals and communities in need, the problems affecting those individuals and communities, and develop the skills to create transformational change in clients and delivery systems.  

Program Overview and Curriculum

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BA/MSW program overview

The BA/MSW allows UB students to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Human Services and a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in less time/ credits than if completed separately. 

This program is intended for students coming out of high school, or who do not already have a bachelor's degree. If you do/will have a bachelor's degree (in any subject), you can apply directly to one of our MSW programs

Total program length: 5 years full-time (3 years undergraduate + 2 years graduate)

BA/MSW Undergraduate Application

High school students and undergraduate transfer students who are not yet enrolled at UB will need to complete an undergraduate application through the Undergraduate Admissions Office and select the Health and Human Services major.

If you are an undergraduate transfer student, the five year timeline may not be possible based on your transfer credits. To explore what credits will transfer to UB, visit the TAURUS website. 

Undergraduate Curriculum

First, you'll complete three years of undergraduate coursework towards your Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Human Services, administered by the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Program in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences.

For questions about undergraduate requirements/courses, contact the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Program at or visit them in 203 Clemens Hall.

BA/MSW Graduate Application

You will apply for the MSW program in your junior (third) year once you have met with Dr. Kim VanDerLinden to confirm that you will have met all undergraduate requirements. 

Graduate Curriculum

If admitted to the MSW program, you'll spend the last two years on the graduate portion in the School of Social Work.

As a BA/MSW student in the graduate portion, you'll follow the same curriculum as the Traditional Full-Time MSW students. 

BA/MSW Tuition Structure

BA/MSW students will be billed the MSW tuition rate once they begin graduate social work courses. This will also impact financial aid packaging.

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