Program Overview

This program is jointly administered by Interdisciplinary Degree Programs in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences and the UB School of Social Work.

Undergraduate Requirements

To apply, you must:

  • Major in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Degree Program in the UB College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Have completed a minimum of 93 undergraduate credits.
  • Have completed 11 of 15 required Interdisciplinary Degree Program health and human services courses.
  • Have completed the general education program.
  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater.
  • Have significant employment or volunteer experience in a human services setting.
  • Have completed 24 credits in liberal arts coursework and a course in human biology. 


You may apply for the MSW program in your junior year once you have met with Dr. Shelley Kimelberg to confirm that you will have met all undergraduate requirements. 


  • Program length: Approximately 5 years (3 years undergraduate, 2 years graduate)
  • Credit hours: 
    • Credits required for major (undergraduate): 38
    • Credits required for major (graduate): 60
    • Additional credits required for UB curriculum: 36
    • Additional credits required for electives: 18
    • Total credits required for degree: 170

Undergraduate Curriculum

The first three years of the program are spent on the undergraduate portion in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences.

For questions, contact Dr. Shelley Kimelberg at

Graduate Curriculum

The last two years of the program are spent on the graduate portion in UB’s School of Social Work.

The curriculum shown below is effective for all students matriculating Fall 2020 and later.

First Year of the Graduate Program

Second Year of the Graduate Program

Spring Semester

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