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Bonnie Collins, MSW '80 and Shermeeka Mason, MSW '13, during one of their mentoring sessions

Seeking Alumni Mentors for 2020-2021!

We are in need of new alumni mentors for our upcoming academic year. If you are interested in mentoring our students, please contact Denise Krause.

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We facilitate a successful mentor program that links alumni with current students.

Mentors and students are matched according to interest and will create a mentoring plan based on mutual expectations. Students will be able to select a mentor based on mutual interest, attributes, and demographics. This program invites alumni to share their professional experiences and encourages MSW students to broaden their network of support. Our mentors are located across the US and Canada.

Please contact Denise Krause at to be a mentor and help shape our profession!

Mentor Program: A mutually beneficial relationship between alumni and MSW students! The building blocks to being a successful mentor. 90% of mentors and 84% of mentees believe the UBSSW Mentoring Program has great potential to strengthen the relationship between the school and the social work community. Nearly 70% of mentees engage in informal conversations and meetings with their mentors. Mentor: Take on a variety of roles like coach, sponsor, guide, role model, and teacher. Empower and celebrate mentees by highlighting gifts, strengths, and potential. Offer guidance, advice, support, and information. Demonstrate social work engagement skills. Mentee: Needs a space to think, reflect, learn and grow and be themselves. The top 3 benefits: professional networking, life skills, and learning social work perspectives. Learns by example. May feel unsure or nervous at the start. Invest in the initial engagement: reach out, be approachable, offer choice. Build a trustworthy, collaborative, safe and open relationship. Make a plan and re-visit it regularly. Be curious about motivation: What led you to social work? What is your best hope for our relationship? .

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Guidelines for Mentors

Welcome to the UB School of Social Work Mentor Program.* We hope that you find your mentoring experience to be rewarding and enjoyable. Below are some guidelines to assist you in approaching the mentoring relationship with your assigned student.

Watch our Mentor Program Introduction Video [4:38 mins]

Watch our Info for Mentors Video [6:02 mins]

Title card, Mentoring Program: Mentoring Video.


If you have any questions about this program or your assigned mentee, please feel free to telephone the Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Alumni Relations, Denise Krause at 716-645-1223 or email at

*The SSW Mentor Plan is adapted from the UB Law School Mentoring Program (2010).

**The mentoring relationship as administered by the SSW falls within the guidelines of the NASW Code of Ethics.