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  • 7/13/21
    An education from the UB School of Social Work provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to help people rediscover their strengths and resiliency as they transform their lives. Our programs also focus on and prepare you to take action in program and policy arenas at local, national and global levels.
  • 9/8/21
    Ranked among the best, our Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program is CSWE accredited. Learn more about full or part time and advanced standing options.
  • 10/8/21
    Ranked among the best. Earn your Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from a CSWE accredited program. Courses 100% online. Advanced standing option available.
  • 7/1/21
    The UB School of Social Work is proud to announce the Online Part-Time Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Social Welfare Program!
  • 9/24/21
    The PhD in social welfare program prepares social workers to conduct research in social issues and become agents of change for practice, policy and education.
  • 9/8/21
    The MSW/PhD in Social Welfare dual degree program prepares social justice advocates to conduct research of consequence to improve social work policy and practice.
  • 9/28/21
    Our 5-year BA/MSW dual degree program prepares you for advanced practice, leading to a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a master of social work (MSW).
  • 9/7/21
    UB’s 4-year juris doctor (JD)/MSW dual degree program prepares students to lead in client advocacy and social policy and law. 3-year track available for BSW holders.
  • 9/7/21
    As part of our MBA/MSW program you'll apply managerial and economic principles to social work practice. It's how our graduates lead highly effective service agencies and create new programs and policies. 
  • 9/7/21
    As part of our MPH/MSW program you'll incorporate a public health perspective into social work practice to address health disparities and create change in individuals' lives and healthcare policy. 
  • 10/6/20
    Expanding perspectives through hands-on education and research with community organizations -- it's how our MSW students are empowered to affect real-world change before they even walk across the stage.
  • 10/15/20
    The Excellence in Aging micro-credential consists of two-courses and a non-credit seminar series that are designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to improve the care and well-being of older adults, their families and caregivers, and to prepare current and future professionals to successfully work with and on behalf of the older population. 
  • 3/25/20
    The Social Work Practice in Serious Illness Care micro-credential consists of two-courses and a monthly non-credit classroom-to-field seminar that are designed to provide the knowledge, skills and competencies in work with people who have serious physical and mental illnesses and/or disabilities including intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).
  • 5/3/19
    As an undergraduate student at UB, you have exciting options to explore in the School of Social Work. You can add knowledge and competence on community and individual engagement even while you are in an undergraduate program.
  • 2/13/20
    Continuing education is vital to professional development for social workers. Our wide variety of elective courses are offered in online, hybrid and seated formats.
  • 9/9/19
    We offer students an educational opportunity that is enriched by exposure to diverse cultures, both on campus and through study abroad.